MRAdvent 8 Dec: we live in a Materia world

Daihatsu Materia Christmas

If you end up at a pub quiz over the festive period, you could be asked to name five famous fans of the Daihatsu Materia. This will inevitably lead to much head scratching as your fellow quiz-goers wrack their brains desperately searching for the answer. Well, allow us give you a head start.

For one, we know Madonna is crazy about the Daihatsu, telling the world that we are living in a Materia world and she is a Materia girl. She even asked Daihatsu to paint one True Blue. Which is nice.

And then there’s Mr & Mrs Christmas of Torquay. No, really, hear us out with this one.

Sheila and Phil Scott, known locally as Mr & Mrs Christmas, fell in love with the boxy but brilliant Daihatsu Materia while holidaying in America. We were told that, back in 2008, Mr & Mrs Christmas returned to the UK and “couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw an ad for their beloved car”, so naturally they placed an order. Oh, Madonna would have been so proud.

[bctt tweet=”Madonna is crazy about the Daihatsu, telling the world that we are living in a Materia world”]

The couple – who do a lot for charity – were said to be “bowled over by the Materia’s sliding and reclining rear seats, making it an ideal car for transporting presents for all their fundraising fun”, but were less impressed by the range of colours on offer. Well, come on, if you’re going to make a statement, do it in style.

So, inspired by Lamborghini, the Scotts painted it mauve. As you do. We understand the local spray shop thought they were “quite potty”, before greeting the job with open arms.

Seven years ago, Mr & Mrs Christmas said they “wouldn’t buy anything else”, so we’re wondering, given Daihatsu’s sad departure from these shores, what are they driving now? A quick search suggests the distinctive number plate is now living on a Nissan Qashqai, so have the Scotts jumped ship? Surely a Kia Soul would have been more appropriate?

Is the Materia dressed as a Quality Street ‘Purple One’ still doing the rounds in Devon? Answers on a postcard. Usual address.

In the meantime, we’re struggling to find two more famous fans of the Daihatsu Materia. Katie Price? Purple Ronnie? It might be easier to name five famous Belgians.

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