Matchbox Superfast

What would you trade for a new ’71 Superfast? What you would trade for the Superfast Rat Rod? What would you trade for this fabulous Formula One? Back in the early 1970s, these were the kind of tough questions facing young petrolheads.

Looking back, this was a great deal for kids and a slice of marketing genius by Matchbox. Just like their parents, children were invited to trade in their old and broken Matchbox cars in exchange for shiny new ones. No questions asked. No finance forms to complete. No bother. Simply drive away in a new Matchbox Superfast for 59 cents. Brilliant.

The advert is dripping in nostalgia, taking us back to the days when happiness was a few hours spent pushing cars across the living room floor. Our fathers would curse us for leaving them ‘parked’ on the stairs, while our mothers would grow tired of patching the holes in our jeans. Different times, lad. Different times.

Today, we can revisit the halcyon days of youth by picking up one of the Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars on offer in the supermarket. There are some properly good models on offer right now, all for under £1.50. They’re for the children, of course. We buy them for the children. Just don’t ask us why they’re still in their boxes.

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In the related videos section, this weirdly engaging video appeared, showing the ‘torture chamber’ at the Lesney Products factory, Hackney Wick. Watch how the unsuspecting Rusty is subjected to abuse, designed to mimic that enforced by a young child.

Tia the doll doesn’t fare much better, having to withstand a bit of hair pulling. The Quality Assurance Test Laboratory wouldn’t look out of place in a nightmare version of Toy Story, although we’re not sure Buzz Lightyear could come to the rescue of these toys.

Main image courtesy of Riley on Flickr.