Peugeot sledge

Sledges tend to create a bit of an issue in the UK. Unlike some of our more fortunate European neighbours, snow isn’t exactly guaranteed. When it does snow, the entire country grinds to a halt, the media creates mass panic and everyone rushes off to buy a 4×4. Oh, and we also like to go sledging.

Which is great, just as long as you have a sledge. If you throw open the shed or garage door only to find an absence of sledges, you’re in a spot of bother. No problem, you think, there’s bound to be a few for sale online.

Only there isn’t, because everybody else has had the same idea. And even if you could order one, the delivery driver won’t be able to get to you. British roads simply cannot cope with anything beyond a light dusting of snow.

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Of course, being the sensible and forward thinking type, you pre-order one for the next bit of snow. Only it doesn’t snow. Not for many years. So your shiny sledge remains hanging up in the garage, just gathering dust. Great.

Being a petrolhead, you want something with a tad more class than the average sledge. Something with an automotive badge. That ought to do it, right? If you’re prepared to splash the cash, here are some automotive sledges from Christmas past and present. It’s the 5th December, so we’ve selected five manufacturers.

Volkswagen Crazy Bob

Volkswagen sledge

Squint hard and this looks just like a Volkswagen Golf GTI. It’s the GTI-branded Crazy Bob, which is made from plastic and features integrated footrests.

According to one ad on eBay, you can “be the envy on the hills with this stylish GTI sledge”, not that it’ll come cheap. You’ll need to part with the best part of £70, so it might be cheaper to draw a Volkswagen badge on a dustbin lid. Nobody mention emissions…

Porsche bobsleigh

Porsche bobsleigh

Alternatively, you could opt for the £100 Porsche bobsleigh, which is said to be influenced by the 918 Spyder. We also understand it’s the quickest children’s bobsleigh around the Nürburgring.

For something a little more grown-up, with a price tag to match, how about the Porsche Design sledge? It features an aluminium frame, stainless steel runners and an imitation leather seat. The price – at launch – was a cool £328.

Porsche sledge

Citroen C-Design snow surfer

Citroen sledge

You could do someone a serious mischief with the Citroen snow surfer, but there’s no denying it’s a cracking piece of design. It’s the work of Ognyan Bozhilov, who scooped first prize in Citroen’s C-Design competition.

MINI Snow Rocker

MINI sledge

MINI teamed up with Ann Summers to create the Snow Rocker. No, wait, that’s not right. MINI designed the Snow Rocker to “bring out your carefree youthful streak on the slopes”, but it’s not one for the fainthearted. It has been classified with a downhill racing speed in excess of 100km/h, so you might want to think twice before pushing your friend down Acacia Avenue.

Audi Snow Sledge

Audi sledge

Who needs quattro all-wheel drive when you can have no-wheel drive? The Audi Snow Sledge was designed to perform optimally at temperatures as low as -20ºC, so it should be perfect for use in Northamptonshire. Yours for £35, with retina-burning LED daytime running lights available as an option.