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Celebrity Driving on Ice

Celebrity ice skating nonsense, Dancing on Ice, last aired in 2014 and – if we’re honest – we haven’t really missed it. But we do have an idea for a new version, known simply as Driving on Ice.

We’ve been inspired by this archive footage of an Ice Grand Prix, held on the frozen Lake Saint Pierre in Quebec. Sit back and enjoy this:

It looks superb. Everything from a Volvo PV444 to a Panhard PL17, not to mention a host of British sports cars in between. Look out for a Rover P4 and a very sideways Morris Minor, too.

We tip our hats to the ‘Canadian enthusiasts’ who cleared a 30ft wide track on the ice of Lake Saint Pierre. If we had access to a frozen lake, we doubt the PlayStation 4 would be quite so appealing.

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So here’s the thing. In this celebrity-obsessed age, surely there’s room for some kind of ice driving show? Take a group of Z-listers, parachute them on to a frozen lake somewhere suitably cold and tell them to go racing. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from the celebs falling through the ice, but then the loss of a few hangers-on would hardly be a bad thing.

Better still, why not enlist the help of some drivers with genuine talent? A kind of pro-am It’s a Knockout approach, in which professional racing drivers go head-to-head with proper enthusiasts. Mika Häkkinen versus Rowan Atkinson. Nigel Mansell versus Jay Kay. Steve Soper versus Jodie Kidd. Stig Blomqvist versus Ben ‘The Stig’ Collins. You get the idea.

It’ll make for better viewing than the vast majority of other programmes on TV and there are many opportunities for sponsorship. Winter tyres, performance cars and winter clothing, to name but three. As for the cars – how about a couple of Toyota GT86s/Subaru BRZs in the preliminary stage, with Porsche 911s reserved for the final? So much potential.

So, I’m a Celebrity Driving on Ice Factor Come Idol – who’s up for it?

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