Eddie Stobart Christmas

If a certain drinks company is to be believed, Christmas starts when a big red truck rolls into town. But three years ago, it was the iconic green and red livery of Eddie Stobart that signalled the start of the festivities. Of sorts.

You may not remember, or perhaps you were doing your best to forget, but in 2012, Eddie Stobart released its first Christmas single. The 12 Days of Christmas recording was memorable (if that’s the right word?) for exchanging tree for deliv-er-ies. Yeah, it kind of works. And hey, it’s just a bit of fun.

Besides, the single – which was available for a ‘bargain’ 79p, or £1.29 if you wanted to experience the magic of the video – was recorded to raise money for Help for Heroes. And we can all raise a glass for charidee songs, especially at this time of the year. Be aware, this might just get into your head. It’s a bit of an earworm.

As you’d expect, the Eddie Stobart version of the famous Christmas song doesn’t feature the usual milking maids, french hens and pear trees. Instead, the truckers sing about frozen turkeys, spotters and mince pies. Not forgetting five tonnes of Brussel Sprouts. Watch out for windy conditions in the Stobart Group’s hometown of Carlisle.

And wait, five tonnes of Brussel Sprouts instead of five gold rings? Is that really true love?

[bctt tweet=”The Eddie Stobart fleet travels the equivalent of 33 laps of the earth EACH DAY”]

In 2012, Eddie Stobart was destined to deliver 500,000 Christmas trees and 40 million mince pies, so it’s fair to say Steady Eddie can rival Father Christmas in the festive deliveries department. Indeed, the Eddie Stobart fleet travels the equivalent of 33 laps of the earth EACH DAY, and that’s without the use of a sleigh or reindeer.

Eddie Stobart Christmas song

Good effort on the Christmas single, lads and lasses. We’re looking forward to the follow-up single. Trucking All Over The World? Another Truck And Roll Christmas? Trucking Around The Christmas Tree? Trucking Home For Christmas?

We’re getting our own coats…