Paris Motor Show 2014On the opening press day of the Paris Motor Show 2014, I took 24,771 steps throughout the day and walked 18.7 kilometres. That’s 11.6 miles. Wow.

A few more laps and I could have done the Paris Motor Show half marathon.

I know this because I’ve been wired for this year’s show: I bought a Fitbit fitness monitor, and have been wearing the band since landing here in France. That’s how I know I was particularly active for a full 98 minutes yesterday (rushing between halls?), and how I burned 3,877 calories just moving around.

Extra croissant for me at breakfast this morning, then.

The stats prove something all motoring journalists know: motor shows are hard work. To get the best from them, you have to get moving – you won’t see all the people you need to, and catch all the new cars you’re there to cover, while standing still. And the bigger the motor show, the bigger the distance you have to walk.

Paris is one of the bigger shows, spread across multiple halls, so much walking is a necessity. And today, my feet are that little bit more grizzled as a result.

Today, I won’t be walking as far. I’m only at the show for a few hours before heading home. But I’ll still manage to clock up a few kms, I’m sure (I’ll tweet my distance later).

And as any motoring journalist knows, it could be worse: it could be Frankfurt. You can be sure I’ll be tracking my distance covered there in 2015, too…