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How to take better car photos on Instagram

Skoda Octavia ScoutFancy yourself as a bit of a smartphone photographer? Skoda reckons it can take your mobile snapping to the next level.

By teaming up with pro photographer Julian Calverley, it’s offered tips on how to get the best out of whatever photo kit you have.

And the shot begins before you’ve even opened the camera app.

The best start you could possibly have is finding a good-looking car in some stunning scenery. A trip to Wales with an Octavia Scout (Skoda suggests) does the job.

Skoda Octavia Scout

There are five steps that Calverley insists will improve your photography. They are as follows:

  • See the bigger picture: Make sure your shoot is suitable as a thumbnail. Use the rule of thirds, use dramatic locations.
  • Start early and follow the sun: they don’t call it ‘golden hour’ for no reason. Dawn and dusk provide the most photographically sympathetic light levels.
  • Perfect weather isn’t always perfect: Clear skies can make for bad photos. The calmness of a cool overcast and rainy day is a smartphone photographer’s friend.
  • Find the best angle: move around the car, don’t zoom. Once you’ve set the scene, you’re free to shoot from whatever angle you like. Tiny changes make a difference.
  • Cars have eyes too. The lights are a nice focus, like eyes on a person. If you’re shooting the front, use sidelights only. No main beams. If you’re shooting from the back, put the lights on.

Skoda Octavia Scout

Add it all up and both Julian and Skoda reckon you have the makings of some great mobile photography.

We’ll be curious to put some of these tips into action…

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