Jaguar Ring Taxi

Jaguar reveals new XJR Ring Taxi

Jaguar Ring Taxi

The unmistakable new Jaguar XJR Ring Taxi – you’ll certainly see this one coming…

Jaguar has revealed its new Nurburgring taxi – an XJR complete with 550hp supercharged V8 and four ingenuously installed bucket seats.

It’s among the only limos in the world with leg-lounging space for four tightly-strapped wannabe Stigs.

Created to replace an elderly XJ Supersport, the new XJR Ring Taxi is already being pressed into action ferrying execs, customers and dealers around the famous German circuit.

Based at Jaguar’s Nurburgring Test Centre, the Jaguar Ring Taxi boasts a very distinctive ‘R’ livery that ensure it’s unmissable when in action – an ideal visual showcase for Jaguar’s BMW M-rivaling performance brand.

“It’s a great way of dynamically showing the work that we do here,” said a spokesman. “It’s already probing extremely popular.”

How has Jaguar created the new XJR Ring Taxi?

Jaguar has installed a full steel roll cage into the all-aluminium XJR saloon (which may make it hard for some less flexible passengers to step past…).

The front seats have been replaced by a pair of Recaros, and have a set of full race harnesses as well.

Jaguar Ring Taxi 002

Rather brilliantly though, the entire rear bench has also been removed, with two bucket seats installed there too! It’s an unlikely but rather fantastic sight – particularly as those in the back enjoy, yes, limo-like legroom.

Jaguar Ring Taxi 003

Mechanically, the car is completely standard, even down to using standard brakes and tyres. And the verdict from the passenger seat? Fantastic: MR had a hot lap and have never been around the Nurburgring so quickly, or in so much comfort.

It’s a bizarre mix of luxury and speed and we can understand why it’s already become so popular…

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