Honda S200 gets a Dodge Viper V10

Dodge Viper-engined Honda S2000: V10 just kicked in!

Honda S200 gets a Dodge Viper V10Bored of having to scream the VTEC engine in your Honda S2000, constantly getting overtaken by middle-aged men in MX-5s until the revs hit 6,000?

It would seem this owner did – so he fitted the 8.3-litre V10 engine out of a Dodge Viper instead.

That’s one way of solving the torque deficit.

Spotted by a member of Lotus Talk, we’re curious about how the modification affects the S2000’s already lively handling.

Still, it’s impressive that he managed to squeeze a V10 under the S2000’s bonnet.

It got us thinking about other crazy engine transplants. How does a V12 Fiat 500 grab your fancy? Or do you know of anything crazier..?

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