Caterham Seven 160

Configurator: Caterham Seven 160

Caterham Seven 160It’s fair to say the Caterham Seven 160 won us over when we had it on test last week.

When it was launched, it hit the headlines as the £15,000 Caterham – which sounds like an absolute bargain. But would you want a base-spec 160? What options do you have to spec?

There’s only one way to find out: by putting it through the MR configurator. Caterham isn’t the sort of company to offer a slick online configurator, but we’ve used the online options list to spec our ideal car.

While you can pick up a Caterham Seven 160 for £14,995, that’s in kit form. We prefer our cars fully built – and that’ll set you back £17,995.

We’d also like the weather equipment (£1,250), which includes a full windscreen, hood, doors and hood frame – essential for UK use, really, even if it is just a toy.

And while we’re at it – a heater is pretty essential at £300.

Like all Caterhams, the 160 isn’t painted as standard – its aluminium panels are left bare while the fibreglass nose and wheel guards come in a choice of four colours.

We’d opt for paint please Caterham – the £1,150 non-metallic Heritage blue our test car came in looked good, but the Ballistic orange also makes a nice change from the 50 shades of grey you can spec more mainstream cars in. If you want ‘special’ paint that’ll be £1,650.

We think we could manage without extras such as the lowered floors (£395), leather adjustable seats (£500), Momo steering wheel (£300) and aluminium filler cap (£115) – all of which featured on ‘our’ 160.

One final thing that is essential, if you want to use your Caterham on the roads at least, is the ‘on the road’ package. For £560 you get 12 months tax, IVA inspection, the first registration fee, number plates and delivery to Caterham South or Caterham Midlands.

That brings our ‘realistically specced’ Caterham Seven 160 to a grand total of £21,255 – £6,260 more than the attention-grabbing £15,000 Caterham.

But is it worth that? We think so – Caterhams hold their values really well, so it’s not like investing over £21,000 on something that’ll depreciate like a pink MG 6.

Check back soon to read our review…

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