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New Ford Fiesta review: 10 things you need to know

The Ford Fiesta supermini is Britain’s best-selling car. For good reason, too: it is an excellent all-rounder. It is due for replacement in summer 2017 so make sure you get a good deal on the current car. 

British best-seller

The current Ford Fiesta has been around since 2008. It was facelifted in 2013 with an Aston Martin-style grille. A replacement is due in June 2017 and is already on sale. The current model is an old car by class standards but remains Britain’s best-selling car: Fiestas are everywhere.

Highly-rated by reviewers

The Ford Fiesta has been highly rated by car reviewers since launch. It drives extremely well, with fun handling, nice steering and a grown-up ride. The manual gearbox is lovely and the popular 1.0-litre Ecoboost turbo engine is a refined, punchy pleasure.

Prices look expensive

The current trim line has been rationalised. It starts with Zetec, moves up through ST-Line to Titanium and Titanium X. The range-topping model is the superb Fiesta ST (see our separate Ford Fiesta ST review). ST-Line is a decent-value runout trim: Fiesta list prices look expensive but there are no end of incentives and deals on offer.

Aged interior

The Fiesta still looks good on the outside, but the interior has really aged. Its infotainment system is below par and the button-packed centre console is confusing. You can’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and even tuning the DAB radio is baffling.

Average on space

The Fiesta has comfortable seats and a good driving position. It feels a bit tight in the back for passengers though – it’s not quite as large as most newer superminis. The boot is also so-so for space and convenience.

Smooth engines

Ford offers a broad range of 1.5 TDCi turbodiesel engines but most Fiesta buyers pick the smooth, refined 1.0-litre Ecoboost turbo, in either 100hp, 125hp or 140hp guise (125hp is the best all-rounder). Every version promises more than 62mpg according to official figures, with low CO2, although most Fiesta drivers return far less in real-world use. Expect economy in the 40mpgs – the fact most Fiestas don’t come with a six-speed gearbox means motorway economy suffers.

Five-star safety

The Fiesta has a five-star Euro NCAP safety score, but it was tested back in 2012, where standards were not as tough as they are now. It lacks modern tech such as a speed limiter system or autonomous emergency braking. Parents can program a dedicated key for their children though, choosing to limit the top speed of the car or the volume of the stereo. The system is called Ford MyKey.

Expensive automatic

You can get selected Fiesta versions with an automatic transmission called Powershift. It’s rather expensive though, costing around £1400 more than a manual model, and it both pushes up CO2 emissions and reduces fuel efficiency.

Well-proven reliability

Ford Fiesta reliability is pretty good. The complicated Ecoboost engine seems robust and the rest of the car is very well proven so any issues should long since have been ironed out.


We think that despite its age, the current Ford Fiesta is still worth a look if you can strike a good deal. It’s not the roomiest of superminis, and the 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine’s real-world fuel economy is not as good as claims, but it’s still a fun car to drive that makes you feel good behind the wheel. And it’s so popular in Britain, you’ll always easily sell it on for a good price.


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