Zenos E10The Zenos E10 sports car has made its debut at Autosport International, with prices starting from £24,995.

With two seats, a mid-mounted 2.0-litre Ford engine that produces 200hp and a weight of just 650kg, the Zenos E10 is a true rival to the likes of the Caterham Seven.

In fact, manufacturer Zenos is the result of a collaboration between ex-Caterham CEO Ansar Ali and COO Mark Edwards. No wonder the E10 looks a bit like the Caterham AeroSeven Concept.

The E10 will hit 62mph in under five seconds. No word about economy figures, mind…

The Zenos E10 is made using an aluminium ‘backbone’ that spans the length of the car, combined with a carbon tub for the driver and passenger to sit in.

Production of the Zenos E10 will start later this year, with first deliveries taking place in early 2015. The company has also confirmed that two further models based on the E10’s chassis on in the pipeline – the E11 roadster and the E12 GT coupe.

Zenos boss Ali said: “Based on our experience, we know the sector and what drivers want, and with the Zenos E10 we have worked hard to develop a fun, engaging and affordable lightweight sports car.”

Is it what drivers what? We think so – 300hp per tonne for £25,000? Yes please!