NaviGoGoYoung Scots aged 16-25 are being invited to trial a new app described as ‘the future of transportation’. The NaviGoGo scheme goes live today, in the first Scottish pilot of the ‘Mobility as a Service’ initiative (or ‘Maas’) that’s causing such a stir in Silicon Valley.

The app has been designed to offer users as much choice of transport as possible, as easily as possible. Youngsters can book trains and taxis, check out bus routes, discover car clubs and even plan journeys involving cycling and walking.

They can split taxi fares within the app, discover special offers running on their time of travel – and pay for transport directly through it. As an added bonus to use it the first wave of 16-25 year old users will get £20 a month added to their account each month for six months, for free.

The idea is to offer a comprehensive alternative to the increasingly expensive business of owning a car for young people, one that would minimise inconvenience and keep them safe even if they’re travelling at unsociable hours or have no cash to hand.

The app also helps youngsters find and compare the cost and time for each route, so they don’t have to guess how much travel will cost or how long it will take.

Steve Cassidy, director of ESP Group, said: “The resounding message we got from these young people was that there is no one-stop-shop for the traveller tailored to their own needs and circumstances. 

“As Scotland’s first Mobility as a Service pilot we’re excited about how the trial will inform future transport information and booking in Scotland and beyond.”

If you live in Dundee or North Fife and fancy trialling the app yourself – getting £20 a month of free transport for the privilege – then register for the second wave which will go live in December at