You could own Katie Price’s Suzuki Vitara

Jordan Katie Price Suzuki Vitara

Celebrity TV personality and model Katie Price has listed her Suzuki Vitara for sale on eBay.

That’s right, this is your chance to own a bona fide celebrity motorcar, in all its wide-arched pinkness. Price, known back in her ‘heyday’ as Jordan, stated on Instagram that she’d been banned from driving and has decided to sell her cars. The first to hit the block, it seems, is this lurid Vitara.

The Vitara is a 51-plate with 97,000 miles on the clock and, thank the lord above, is only wrapped in that pink. Which means the colour could be changed. Further modifications include lowering springs, a wide-arch kit and wide wheels and tyres. It’ll need some work, given it has no MOT. The soft top at minimum is in need of replacement, according to the eBay ad.


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Soo now I’m banned from driving the cars are going this one is on eBay 254073076749 ??? when I get my license back new car fresh start

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That doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off. With eight days left to go on the auction, bidding has hit the £52,100 mark with 184 bids. Before we started writing this article, there were 103 bids with a price tag of ‘just’ £13,000…

At Crawley Magistrates Court last week, Price pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance. She had been in the midst of a six-month ban, which has now been extended by a further three months. She was also ordered to pay a £1,100 fine.

Jordan Katie Price Suzuki Vitara

In her Instagram post, Katie continued: “When I get my license back new car fresh start”. She has quite the car history, with a bright pink Range Rover currently being the belle of her driveway. She’s famously always been a fan of pink cars and speculated about ordering an Aston Martin DB9 in candy pink on a 2003 episode of Top Gear, to which Clarkson responded: “Then it would be worth four or five pounds”.

Given the numbers climbing on this Vitara’s listing, perhaps Clarkson missed the mark in his low valuation.

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