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You can now make your BMW M2 noisier using Bluetooth

You can now make your BMW M2 noisier using Bluetooth

BMW has announced a series of official performance parts for its new M2 – including an exhaust flap that can be opened or closed using your phone.

The M Performance flap silencer system features ‘sport’ and ‘track’ modes. The former, BMW says, is intended for use on public roads and “indulges the driver with a distinctive sporty sound that has been specially harmonised with the BMW M2.”

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Alternatively, if you select ‘track’ mode on your mobile (not for road use, apparently…), it makes for a “much more intense driving experience.”

As standard, the M Performance exhaust system features a high-gloss silencer unit including deep-embossed M Performance logo, tailpipes with a diameter of 80mm and perforated inner pipe. Alternatively, you can spec carbonfibre tailpipe trim elements with a diameter of 93mm.

You can now make your BMW M2 noisier using Bluetooth

Other options to make the BMW M2 even more hardcore include aerodynamic carbonfibre components including front and side sill attachments, rear diffuser and mirror caps.

Buyers can also opt for the M Performance coil-spring suspension, which lowers the car by 5mm as standard – although this can increased by an additional 20mm. The dampers can be adjusted to 16 levels in the rebound stage and 12 in the compression stage, allowing the driver to tweak their suspension set-up according to personal preference.

For those wanting to use the BMW M2 on track, they can also fit BMW M Performance sports brake pads, offering an improved braking response compared to standard pads, and reduce brake fade.

Additional M Performance elements can also be fitted to the M2’s interior – including LED door sill cover strips, a choice of two Alcantara steering wheels, and extra carbonfibre trim. You will even be able to buy bespoke floor mats, to complete the M Performance look.

The BMW M Performance options will be available on the M2 from March 2016, but prices are yet to be announced. Motoring Research is driving the new BMW M2 this week – our first drive review will be live on Friday.

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