Would you pay £385,000 for a 20-year-old Toyota Supra?

Toyota Supra £385,000

The new Toyota Supra has been out long enough that even the BMW jokes in the YouTube comments have died down a bit. Still the question of whether it’s a worthy successor to the much-loved Mk4 burns on.

Regardless, you could find yourself paying a lot more for a 20 year-old example in showroom condition than a new one. This one in America is up for the equivalent of £385,000.

That means this A80 is around six-and-a-half times the price of a brand new A90 Supra. For that, you could have a Ferrari 812 Superfast and a decent amount of change. So what makes this Supra so special?

Toyota Supra £385,000

Well, according to the dealer that’s selling it, the car’s originality and colour help support its price. Originality isn’t ‘£385,000’ difficult, but it does have VIN-matching panels all round.

And the colour? Supposedly, just 24 Supra Turbos came in this smokey shade of silver, called ‘Quicksilver’, and it’s been verified as the original paint.

Also adding to that rareness and desirability is the fact that it has the golden combination to Supra fans: a manual gearbox, turbocharged engine and T-top roof. 

Toyota Supra £385,000

What isn’t very ‘£385,000’ – yes, we keep saying it – is the fact that it’s done 37,000 miles. Yes, that’s low, but it’s no garage queen with dust on the valve stems and mileage in single figures. This thing has seen use.

Then we swing back to that originality question, because for this money, it has to be pixel perfect, and this Supra technically isn’t. Its lip at the front has been finished in Quicksilver, as has the valve cover. Tasteful, but not original spec.

So is it worth the money? To the right buyer, perhaps. Should that buyer expect a return on his or her investment? That we are considerably less sure on.

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