Would you buy this British-built Vauxhall MPV for £40,000?

Vauxhall Vivaro Life £40,000 MPV

Vauxhall has unveiled a new MPV based on the Vivaro commercial vehicle called the Vivaro Life. There are two trim levels for it – the passenger-carrying Edition, and the Elite ‘luxury limousine’. Yes, the latter is a £40,000 Vauxhall Van…

That’s right, a £40,000 Vauxhall van…

Vauxhall Vivaro Life £40,000 MPV

That might sound a bit barmy, but there’s got to be something to the ‘luxury limousine’ description. Let’s break down the Vivaro Life Elite. Vauxhall describes it as a ‘well-appointed, go-anywhere family car or luxury limousine’. In the front, you get a head-up display and electrically adjustable heated and massage-equipped seats.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come along with a smart navigation system as part of the 7-inch touch screen in-car entertainment. As for those trickier parking manoeuvres, a 180-degree rear-view camera has you covered, as does blind spot monitoring.

Vauxhall Vivaro Life £40,000 MPV

There are five seats as standard, although you can get two individual seats in the back that can rotate for ‘conference seating’, or a third row for a total of eight seats. A table is also optional for a more opulent conference seat layout. Needless to say, the potential for luggage space dwarfs anything available in a normal car.

Sliding blinds and reclining seats mean passengers can settle down for a snooze overnight with, if they so choose, a nice view out at the night sky through the panoramic roof. Other distinctive inclusions on the Vivaro Life Elite include 17-inch diamond-cut alloys, xenon and LED lights and a split opening tailgate (have that, Range Rover) for ease of luggage loading.

Fully-electric version due in 2021

Vauxhall Vivaro Life £40,000 MPV

Being based on the EMP2 modular car platform as used by the Grandland X, the Vivaro should boast more car-like driving characteristics. While it’s initially to be offered as a diesel, an all-electric version is due in 2021. That will join the fully-electric Corsa we’ll be getting soon in Vauxhall’s EV lineup… 

The Brit-built MPV

Don’t worry, there are other versions. For the more conventional family that fancies a van-flavoured MPV, the £27,000 Vivaro Life Edition offers an intriguing alternative to conventional people carriers. Vauxhall still reckons it’s ‘built for business’ but this built-in-Luton up-to-nine-seater van could be a family favourite.


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