Audi A3 Cabriolet at night

The worst car crashes happen between 8pm and 2am

Audi A3 Cabriolet at nightThe average impact speed of car crashes occurring between 8pm and 2am increases by more than half compared to incidents at other times of the day, new research has revealed.

Telematics provider In-Car Cleverness has discovered that average crash speeds increase steadily through the night from 8pm, rising from 24mph to a peak of 36mph at 2am.

It also revealed its highest-ever recorded collision speed was a staggering 100mph.

Commercial director Tim Eaves said it was evidence “motorists are taking more risks when driving at night.

“They can take advantage of the light traffic… (but) tiredness and the absence of daylight makes conditions more conducive to accidents.”

Further evidence shows how severe early hours accidences can be: crash G-forces increase significantly with the impact speed, and some 1am collisions show G-force readings of an amazing 5.6g.

Rush hour drivers are not immune from risk taking either, shows In-Car Cleverness data. Average collision speeds increase sharply between 4pm and 5pm, from 27mph to 32mph.

All analysis was from a fleet of rental vehicles carrying data logging technology – functionality which is allowing the firm to develop advanced digital crash reconstruction technology.

This, added Eaves, is “playing an increasingly key part in communicating the true impact of a collision”.

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