Road rage Christmas

Christmas can be one of the worst times of the year for road rage, as drivers can take their frustrations out on each other – especially on women.

Research by Nextbase has uncovered that nearly half of all motorists have experienced road rage. More than 2,000 men and women across the country were questioned about their experiences. A shocking 43 percent said they’d been a victim.

Women get the most grief on the road, it seems, with 49 percent saying they’d caught the wrath of a grumpy driver. Conversely, only 37 percent of men have fallen victim to road rage.

However, only a quarter of men thought that women get the most grief on the road, which compares with 43 percent of women. 

Road rage Christmas

Road rage seems to have more effect on women, too. Four in five said an incident stuck with then for at least a few hours afterwards. That compares to 63 percent of men. And 31 percent of women still feel the effects days afterwards.

One in five men admit they’re more likely to get aggressive after incidents, compared with just 11 percent of women. And 12 percent of men had to get out of their car to recover from road rage. 

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