Audi RSQ E-tron and Lance Sterling

Animated Audi to make movie debut in Spies in Disguise

Audi RSQ E-tron and Lance Sterling

A virtual Will Smith will get behind the wheel of a virtual Audi RSQ E-tron in the forthcoming animated film Spies in Disguise.

We can’t comment on the film, but the car looks great. To borrow a quote from the ‘Fresh Prince’ in Independence Day, “I have got to get me one of these.”

Only you can’t, because much like the cars created for the Gran Turismo racing franchise, the electric concept car is strictly virtual reality. For Audi, this is a chance to build awareness of its E-tron brand and it follows the debut of the all-electric Audi E-tron SUV.

By 2025, 1 in 3 new Audis will be fully electric, so the RSQ E-tron is part of the bigger picture for the German company. If an EV is good enough for Will Smith, it’s good enough for you, etc.

Smith is the voice actor for super-spy Lance Sterling who, according to a fan site, is “smooth, suave and debonair [and] handles the espionage with class and grace but he is not much of a people person”. We offer no comment about Audi drivers.

‘State-of-the-art digital’

Audi RSQ E-tron dashboard

The RSQ E-tron boasts a hologram speedometer, a fully automated driving mode and some Bond-style gadgets. Looking at the dashboard, there’s a button for the obligatory stealth mode, but is that a fuel switch we see? In an electric vehicle – hmmm.

Frank Rimili, head of Exterior Design Studio 3 at Audi, said: “Audi takes a digital, forward-looking approach to the design process, both in developing fictional content and in the producing modelling studio.

“At Audi Design, we combine state-of-the-art digital visualisation techniques with handmade precision.”

Erin Williams, vice president for marketing partnerships at Twentieth Century Fox Films added: Audi and Fox have been great collaborators over the years and we’re thrilled to evolve our relationship, bringing Audi into the world of animation for the first time.”

Audi will team up with Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios to produce an additional custom animated content piece next year, before the film is released in cinemas in September 2019.

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