SEAT Leon Cupra yellow

Why are there no yellow SEAT Leon Cupras?

SEAT Leon Cupra yellowSEAT will let you choose one of seven colours to paint your scorching-hot new 280hp Leon Cupra.

Scorching hot red? Check. Fancy metallic blue? Check. White, even? Bingo. Then it gets a bit less, er, scorchio: grey. Silver. Black. Another grey.

Given how the Leon Cupra used to be the yellow hot hatch so many Cupranet-following enthusiasts wanted, this seems rather strange (particularly given how SEAT last year sent us a Cupra badly wrapped in bright orange, suggesting the UK side really wouldn’t mind if brighter colours were offered).

But I recently had chance to speak with SEAT exterior designer Amin Sadek at the UK launch of the ST Cupra. So I naturally asked him: Why are there no yellow SEAT Leon Cupras?

Mellowing on yellow?

It’s all to do with the sharp lines of the car, he said – created to “reflect SEAT’s dynamic brand image with proportions and stance.

“These lines do not suit yellow. Colours and trims are created to complement a car, which our current range does: they’re ‘metal’ colours, defining the lines in a sharp, crisp way.”

Yellow, he said, would wash them out and leave them ill-defined. You can assume they’ve experimented: after all, you can get yellow Ibizas, and they’re built in the same giant Martorell plant.

So there we go. No yellow for the new Leon Cupra (Which was, way back in its late 1990s sir-causing launch period, called 20V T. Which was mainly sold in yellow).

Over to you, Cupranet fans, is this the correct decision or not?

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