What would you buy instead of this £205,000 Range Rover?

This is Overfinch’s latest Range Rover. It’ll cost you £205,000, and features a fancy sliding boot floor and carbonfibre inserts in the bumpers. Its long wheelbase means it’s arguably the ultimate SUV to be driven around in, while Jeeves can have some fun on the way home too, thanks to the sports exhaust which can be tweaked via Bluetooth.

What would you buy instead of this £205,000 Range Rover?

But what else could you buy for £205,000? Well, we’ve had a few ideas – a used Ferrari F12, for example, or a three-bedroom bungalow in Cheshire. But we decided to put it to Twitter, and you guys came up with some incredible alternatives…

Bizarrely, it would seem a number of Twitter users harbour a deep desire to set up an indoor skate park. Well, what else would you do with over £200k?

While others fancy experiencing air travel…

…but some would prefer to travel by water.

Strangely, steam seems to be an alternative option for some of you.

While others fancy themselves behind the wheel of a tank…

It’s not all modes of transport, however. Some of you really managed to think outside the box, starting with a wine cellar.

A few others fancy somewhere to keep their expensive toys.

Others would indulge in expensive music equipment.

While some were much more sensible.

There we have it – just a few of the whacky ways Twitter users would spend £205,000. Have you got any better suggestions? Drop us a tweet at @Editorial_MR or leave a comment below.