Some of the weirdest de-icing methods and mishaps

de-icing windscreens

The cold snap brings desperation, as motorists fight to free their cars of ice and snow. What will become abundantly clear via the following research conducted by InsuretheGap, are some of the weird things people are prepared to try when de-icing their cars, as well as their de-icing mishaps…

Methods of de-icing depend on who you speak to. Some will tell you to pour boiling water from a kettle on your car, but they won’t finish their sentence before being trampled by the person warning of a shattered windscreen. Hot water was, in fact, the second most popular method, with 33 percent of respondents swearing by it. (However, when it is very cold, be cautious here – see the reader comment below–Ed)

A lot of us will be de-icing in-situ – that’s to say, we aren’t prepared. As such, whatever comes to hand will do. The most common is the humble credit card, which top the list (42 percent). It’s at this point that things get a little odd…

Twenty percent of people said a dustpan and brush is their chosen method of de-icing. Then, in sixth place, a broom (18 percent), followed by the first properly odd entry – a spatula. As many as 17 percent of us will flip ice after flipping bacon and pancakes…

The properly weird de-icing methods

The interesting thing is, as many as 30 percent of those surveyed didn’t make the top 10… because their methods were extremely weird.

Have you got a decent length extension chord? Good, because you’ll need one to use a hairdryer to de-ice your car.

Meanwhile, Ground Force meets Top Gear, with those who choose to use a spade.

There’s a reason the saying goes ‘like a knife through butter’ not ‘like a knife through ice’, but apparently, that doesn’t put anyone off trying to de-ice with the same implement they buttered their toast with.

de-icing windscreens

While the compact disc made eighth on the top 10 most popular de-icing methods, some people think you just don’t get the same warm sound as when you’re de-icing with vinyl records… It’s like your favourite bands are right there alongside you.

By far the weirdest, most disgusting and illegal (depending on where your car is parked) method of de-icing, is urinating on it…

No, that’s not a lie. Some respondents genuinely owned up to taking a tinkle on their frozen stuff. Something, something, yellow snow…

De-icing mishaps

We’ve all snapped a credit card; some may even have cracked a windscreen with boiling water. Others have scratched their cars and got bits of themselves stuck to their cars. No, this isn’t related to the urine method… People get lips stuck blowing on their windows, as well as their hands trying to wipe ice off.

“Whatever you use to de-ice your car, make sure that it’s fully defrosted before you drive, including getting snow off the roof rather than risking it dumping on your windscreen when you’re driving; and also make sure you’re fully prepared for snowy conditions with shovels, warm clothing and extra food in the car just in case,” said Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer at InsuretheGap.

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