Awkward: warranty firm boss live tweets Mercedes-AMG GT breakdown

Warranty boss tweets Mercedes-AMG GT breakdown

Awkward: warranty firm boss live tweets Mercedes-AMG GT breakdown

If you’re the influential boss of a warranty company, you’d probably have a good idea of which cars to buy to avoid being stranded on the side of the road.

But Lawrence Whittaker, owner of Lister Cars and Warranty Wise, bought a Mercedes-AMG GT – despite Mercedes-Benz being revealed as the 10th least reliable car brand in Warranty Wise’s survey earlier this year.

Mercedes-AMG GT S: Two-Minute Road Test

Whittaker took to Twitter yesterday to complain that his £97,000 Mercedes-AMG GT had broken down – and Mercedes-Benz was taking far too long to come to his rescue.

He first tweeted a picture of the stranded GT at 3.40pm, reporting that he’d been waiting three hours.

He then posted a picture at 4.30pm showing a recovery truck finally arriving to help.

Whittaker told Motoring Research that the breakdown was related to a gearbox failure – an expensive fix, no doubt, but at least it should be under warranty.

When it’s working, the Mercedes-AMG GT is a Porsche 911 rival that can hit 62mph in 4.0 seconds. Top speed is 189mph.

Whittaker might want to look at his firm’s own list of most reliable manufacturers, and trade his supercar in for a Honda. The Jazz might not be his kind of thing, but the hot new NSX is on its way…

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