Zero to gone in 10 months: 1,176hp Koenigsegg Agera RS sold out

Zero to gone in 10 months: 1,176hp Koenigsegg Agera RS sold out

Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has announced that all 25 of its Agera RS models have sold, just 10 months after it was first revealed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show.

That’s a big deal for a car with a price tag of more than £1 million and the badge of a small-time manufacturer on the front.

Company boss Christian von Koenigsegg said: “I am extremely proud of the Agera RS program. The RS is a classic Koenigsegg, with all the core values and features that the Koenigsegg brand stands for. The performance, road feel and responsiveness are truly amazing and the level of technical sophistication is second to none. It is a true ‘pinnacle’ project that has been wholly embraced by our customers and friends.”

The 1,176hp Agera S sits between the Agera R and One:1 in Koenigsegg’s slightly deranged line-up, powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine. It can hit 186mph in just 14 seconds – or 250mph in 20 seconds.

Koenigsegg says demand far outstripped supply, with cars sold in markets around the world – including the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, China and the UAE.

Production is continuing throughout 2016, with the final cars set to be delivered to customers next year.