Unattended CCTV

London borough installs ‘robot’ CCTV cameras to catch rule-breaking drivers

Unattended CCTV

Residents of Wandsworth have grown accustomed to the feeling of being watched – in 2016 it was reported that there are more CCTV cameras in the London Borough than Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham combined. Now, that number is set to increase even further, with the introduction of more enforcement cameras.

The London Borough of Wandsworth, which serves more than half a million people, has awarded Videalert a contract to install unattended CCTV cameras at a number of so-called “problem” locations across the borough. Be warned if you enter a box junction, ignore traffic signs or park illegally – you are being watched.


Unattended CCTV cameras are part of the shared parking service’s drive to improve operational efficiency and achieve cost savings. Adam Westwood of the parking operations team said: “We continuously challenge ourselves to provide the best services at the lowest cost. Our goal is always residential satisfaction at a price taxpayers can afford to pay.”

‘High capture rates’

Videalert, which is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traffic enforcement and management solutions, was praised for its “high capture rates, particularly in busy traffic conditions,” with the quality of evidence provided having the potential to reduce the number of appeals. 

Steve Cull, assistant head of shared parking services for Richmond and Wandsworth, said: “The trials demonstrated that the use of unattended cameras was justified in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. Deploying Videalert’s unique Digital Video Platform allows additional camera assets and enforcement applications to be cost-effectively added, providing a future-proofed investment for civil traffic enforcement.”

Cameras have already been installed at four initial locations, kickstarting a transition from the borough’s current attended system to enforcement via unattended CCTV cameras. Tim Daniels, sales and marketing director of Videalert, commented: “We offer a radically different way of using CCTV for traffic management and civil enforcement for today and tomorrow.

“Using sophisticated ANPR and video analytics, Videalert delivers the highest productivity whilst minimising equipment infrastructure and communication costs at each target enforcement location.”

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