VW introduces fastest ever production Golf


Good news! Volkswagen Golf drivers hankering after a 300hp superhatch can now fill their boots – from less than £30,000!

Officially the fastest ever production Golf, the new 300hp Golf R will accelerate to 62mph in 5.3 seconds – or a scant 4.9 seconds with the optional six-speed DSG gearbox. That’s BMW 135i quick.

Power comes from the same four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged engine used in the GTI, but with added various tweaks to up the horsepower – such as a modified cylinder head, turbocharger and exhaust valves.

Despite these impressive performance figures, fuel consumption isn’t ridiculous at 39.8mpg (40.9mpg DSG) – and neither are CO2 emissions at 156g/km (159g/km DSG). That makes it up to 18% more efficient than its predecessor.

The R uses a four-wheel-drive system that acts as a front-wheel-drive under low loads or when coasting. Almost 100% of power can be transferred to the rear axle when required.

A race button – which we’re sure will make everyday driving a delight – sharpens throttle response, makes the DSG ‘box hold onto gears for longer and increases damping. It’s essentially a sport button and then some.

It’s also fitted with progressive steering – like the GTI and GTD – which reduces the number of turns lock to lock from 2.75 to 2.1. That’ll make roundabout-based tomfoolery much more accessible. Brilliant.

Visually it’s a Golf pumped up. It’s 20mm lower than a standard Golf (5mm lower than the GTI) and has a new front bumper with large air inlets, a modified radiator grille and 18-inch alloys as standard.

Prices start at £29,900 for the three-door manual and £31,315 for the three-door with the DSG ‘box. The five-doors will costs you £30,555 and £31,970 respectively.



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