Volkswagen of America Golf GTI 01

VW announces the £14,500 Golf GTI in New York!

Volkswagen of America Golf GTI 01Volkswagen of America has revealed at the New York Motor Show that the 2015 Golf GTI will boast a list price from $24,395 – that’s just over £14,500 in pounds sterling!

The firm does say an $820 destination and handling charge must be added on, but this still only takes the price up to $25,215, or £15,000.

Here in the UK, the base 1.2 TSI 85 S three-door costs £16,775.

But before you start penning angry letters to Volkswagen UK, do note: US prices don’t include the VAT charge that Brits have to pay. Over here, this adds 20% to the sale price – before VAT, the price is £21,162.

The US price must also have local sales taxes added on: these are not included in the headline price because they can vary from state to state.

US Golf GTIs will also be built at the firm’s Mexico plant in Puebla, which will further help lower costs over our German-built models.

Volkswagen will, of course, also point out that the two cars aren’t directly comparable. The US Golf GTI only packs 210hp in base S GTI guise, for example: the 220hp that’s standard here comes as part of the Performance Package, which costs an extra $1,495, or £890.

Given that the Performance Pack here in the UK only costs £995, maybe the price difference between the two cars isn’t as hefty as it sounds.

Even so, we’ve asked Volkswagen UK for feedback and will report back to you soon.

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