Fresh styling and Windows connectivity for 2016 Volvo V40

volvo v40 frontVolvo has given its V40 hatchback a facelift for 2016, incorporating its new look onto its bestselling model.

This consists of the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ LED headlights, similar to the new XC90, S90 and V90 models, plus a new grille featuring a more striking Volvo badge.

Other additions include new colours, alloy wheels and  interior panel trims, as well as a substantial upgrade of the Volvo On Call smartphone app.

It now incorporates Microsoft Band 2 connectivity, which allows voice-control for certain features when using Windows 10-based smartphones, tablets and even regular PCs.

volvo v40 rear

Other updates include a calendar function, which connects the user’s personal calendar to the mobile app, then transfers appointment destinations to the car’s sat nav.

The system will also feature a ‘Flic’ button, allowing the driver to program a ‘smart button’ for a particular function, such as locking the car or as a shortcut to Volvo On Call services.

Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, Nick Connor, said: “The V40 is the best-selling Volvo model in the UK, making it a vital car for the company. With the updates for Model Year 2017, we’re making this already very successful model even more attractive to customers.”

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