Volvo technicians will prepare fleet vehicles for winter

Volvo business winter checks

Volvo UK is supporting businesses and fleet managers as cold conditions draw in. Its technicians will be performing ‘winter-ready’ checks to make sure that Volvo company fleets are best-prepared to face harsh winter weather.

These checks include the battery, the braking system, the windscreen, wiper condition, bulbs and the fluids. All can suffer greatly, or make the car a danger to operate in cold or freezing conditions.

Volvo business winter checks

“At our nationwide network of workshops, Volvo-trained technicians are on hand to help prepare company cars for winter,” said Steve Beattie, head of business sales at Volvo Car UK.

“Checking everything from the battery and braking system to the windscreen, wiper blades, bulbs and fluids. With this support, fleet managers have peace of mind that their drivers and vehicles are ready for challenging conditions.”

Volvo business winter checks

Tyres are an area of emphasis that Volvo is advising businesses to keep an eye on, both in terms of tread depth and whether it’s appropriate to swap out for winter tyres.

The tread depth and overall condition of your tyres can be the difference between stopping in time, or not. Cold conditions are harsh on the roads. As they break up and potholes prevail, those roads become harsh on your tyres. Tyre maintenance is a year-round job that becomes even more important in winter.

Volvo S60 T8 hybrid

If the car is in the best condition it can be, the last line of defence is changing how you drive.

Beattie added: “Businesses should remind their company car drivers to take journeys steady in poor conditions. If visibility is reduced or roads are extremely wet or at risk of being icy, unnecessary journeys should be avoided and those who do drive should be more cautious and avoid risky manoeuvres which could lead to skidding.

“We also always advise drivers to carry blankets, extra warm layers of clothing and food and drinks when the weather turns wintry, just in case they or other motorists and their passengers become stranded.”

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