Volvo is the UK’s fastest-growing premium car brand

Volvo is the UK's fastest-growing premium car brand

Buoyed by the success of the XC40 small SUV, Volvo is now the fastest-growing upmarket car brand in the UK. Sales are up 27 percent in the first half of 2019, with just under 30,000 cars sold.

This means Volvo is well on the way to meeting its 60,000 sales target for 2020. The company’s global sales are up 7.3 percent, to more than 340,000 cars.

Leading the charge are the XC40 and larger XC60 SUV. The XC40 has been the marque’s best-seller for the last six months.

Volvo is the UK's fastest-growing premium car brand

Volvo won’t get complacent, though, says UK MD Kristian Elvefors: “We will develop our model range to ensure it continues to set new standards, while also introducing innovative ways for people to access and experience our products and services.

“Our sustained growth in the UK and globally sets the seal on the successful transformation of our brand.” 

Volvo’s strength bucks the trend of the new car market, which has shrunk by three percent year-on-year. Volvo’s market share has increased from 1.8 percent to 2.3 percent.

The Swedish marque chalks its success up to a ‘comprehensively renewed product range’. It describes its offering as ‘a superb line-up of award-winning models that resonate strongly with customers’.

Volvo is the UK's fastest-growing premium car brand

In the grand scheme of things, however, Volvo trails its German rivals by some margin. Total Mercedes-Benz sales in the UK in 2018 were more than 160,000 cars. SUVs are working wonders for Volvo, but its more conventional saloons struggle to penetrate the German stronghold.

Volvo’s performance in the used market is also strong. UK sales of Volvo Select used cars rose by 13 percent versus 2018, with a total of 16,653 units sold.