Is your Volvo dirty? There’s an app for that

Volvo car wash app

Volvo will be the first car manufacturer in Europe to offer an app-based mobile washing and valeting service. The app works with the Volvo On Call digital services platform.

Volvo Car Mobile Wash is available anywhere. Well, anywhere within the M25 at first. It’s designed ‘for complete convenience and a premium-quality finish’. You choose a level of care within the app, with prices opening at £22 for an exterior wash.

That base price is likely subject to the size of your car, mind. Sorry, XC90 and V90 owners… Volvo expects the most popular option to be the mini-valet, which is £39.

A wash and health check for your Volvo

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One thing you’re unlikely to get with any other wash facility is a health check for your car. Tyre pressures, tread depth, screenwash, coolant and bodywork assessments are included. 

You book a date and location via the app, and you can pick a time to suit your schedule. You don’t actually need to be with the car, either, given you can unlock it remotely via Volvo On Call digital services.

Volvo car wash app

“We have designed this new service to be hassle-free for our customers and to provide them the kind of premium-quality valeting their car deserves,” said Mike Johnstone, Volvo UK marketing strategy director.

“It is another example of how we can use the technology and peace-of-mind security of Volvo On Call to make life easier.”

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