Volvo Westfield modern family parking icons

Modern family: Volvo celebrates diversity with Westfield car park signs

Volvo Westfield modern family parking iconsVolvo believes traditional family parking space icons are outdated and fail to reflect the diversity of modern families such as older parents, single parents and same-sex parents.

It’s thus using the launch of the new V60 to trial new family parking signage in Westfield London Shepherds Bush.

Volvo Westfield modern family parking icons

The signs are painted onto a special branded area of the Westfield car park, and show differing family profiles that “celebrate the rich diversity of the modern family”. Volvo’s rolling out the new spaces this weekend, with V60 show cars and family-focused test drive opportunities.

There’s a special billboard at the exhibit, which Volvo’s encouraging families to have their pictures taken at; the firm will give them an image they can share on social media.

Volvo UK’s marketing strategy director, Mike Johnstone, reckons the launch of the new V6o is “the ideal opportunity to celebrate the modern family in all its guises”. It will tie into the launch of TV ads for the new V60 mid-size estate, called The New Family Model campaign.

Volvo’s running the Westfield car park stunt ahead of the nationwide launch of the new V60, which is priced from £31,810 (a big jump over the old car). The car’s nationwide dealer launch is on 14 July and Volvo is taking bookings via the hub.

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