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Volkswagen yet to fix ANY emissions scandal cars in Britain claims minister

2.0-litre TDI engineVolkswagen has not yet fixed any British cars involved in the emissions scandal, a junior minister at the Department for Transport has told the Transport Select Committee.

“They haven’t fixed any cars yet, I’m disappointed to announce,” Robert Goodwill MP said. “And they will need to have their fix approved by us before they do it.”

The news, reports Reuters, contrasts with Volkswagen’s confirmation last week that a recall of 2,000 Amarok pick-ups had begun in January, and that rectification for some Audi and SEAT vehicles is now underway.

Which? Executive director Richard Lloyd called it “outrageous” that UK consumers are still being left in the dark on the VW scandal – and the organisation is calling upon the government to take immediate and urgent action.

“It is completely unacceptable that 7 months after this was first reported, following further testing and investigations, VW’s customers still remain in the dark on what the fix will be, what the impact will be on their car, and therefore whether they are entitled to compensation.”

Volkswagen’s decision to offer compensation to U.S. owners but not UK ones was also criticised. “Separate to the legal debate about compensation claims, people simply cannot understand why VW have offered US consumers a goodwill payment whilst refusing to provide this for their UK customers affected by the very same issue.

“VW seem to have put UK consumers at the back of the queue.

“The U.S. government has acted quickly to hold VW to account. In the UK progress to date has been woefully slow. The transport secretary must now intervene and stand up for UK consumers.”

Goodwill told the Transport Select Committee that the Serious Fraud Office is looking into the issue of compensation for UK Volkswagen Group vehicle owners.

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