Volkswagen writes to owners of cars affected by emissions scandal

Owners of Volkswagen Group cars affected by the emissions scandal have received letters telling them a ‘service action’ will be needed to fix the issue – and many are taking to Twitter to express their anger with VW.

Despite the letter informing owners that their cars “remain technically safe and roadworthy,” it fails to make an apology.

The company hasn’t said when it will fix vehicles affected by the dieselgate – but it has previously indicated that recalls could begin from January 2016. Yesterday, Volkswagen’s UK boss Paul Willis faced a grilling by the Commons transport committee. Many owners have suggested that they’ll be seeking compensation over the scandal, but Willis said: “I think it’s premature to think about that.”

Yesterday, Volkswagen revealed its plans for moving forward from the scandal – indicating that new diesel and electric technology was being fast-tracked, and cuts of €1 billion a year would have to be made.