Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen T-Cross teased before Autumn reveal

Volkswagen T-Cross

Hot on the heels of the funky T-Roc crossover comes a lower bookend to the Volkswagen SUV range – the T-Cross – due for a full reveal in the autumn. While the T-Roc (which we love) is a jacked-up take on the Scirocco coupe that preceded it, the T-Cross will be a more conventional small crossover, borrowing a shrunken silhouette from its long-serving Tiguan and Touareg siblings.

Shown as an open-top concept in 2016, the T-Cross made a big impression, such that VW was keen to bring it to market within three years. The production model will utilise the malleable and brilliant MQB platform that we’re already familiar with on existing Volkswagen Group offerings, and will feature technologies previously the preserve of much larger and more expensive models.

When it lands in autumn, it will also be offered exclusively with front-wheel drive. Engine wise, expect the familiar line of TSI and TDI units also found under the bonnet of a new Polo, with dual-clutch and manual transmissions likely. No word yet on whether that open-top will ever see the light of production day, although all signs point to a T-Roc soft-top in its place.

Volkswagen’s tagline for the T-Cross is “I am more than one thing”. Emphasis on more – this is a small SUV that VW says will punch above its price-point in terms of what it offers. “More is thus to be understood as a program: offering more, but nevertheless not costing more”.

The T-Cross is charged with making a splash in markets further afield, too, with the car due to hit showrooms in South America and China, as well as Europe.

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