Volkswagen Scirocco

The Volkswagen Scirocco is no more (again)

Volkswagen SciroccoVolkswagen has ended production of the Scirocco coupe, nine years after reviving the name that was first used back in 1974.

Derived from the previous-but-one generation Golf, the Scirocco has seemed on borrowed time for some while: it’s produced in Portugal, away from the main European Golf plant in Wolfsburg and, as other models are phased out, synergies with current models have gradually faded.

The compact coupe sector itself has also become less of a draw for car buyers, many of whom are, if they fancy an alternative to a vanilla family hatch, moving into compact SUVs and crossovers instead.  

So Volkswagen, currently working hard to find cost savings in the fallout from the ‘dieselgate’ emissions-cheating scandal, has deemed the Scirocco not worthy of replacement. The business case simply doesn’t add up.

“We are no longer taking new customer orders for the Scirocco,” confirmed a UK spokesman when asked about Scirocco production plans.

But those eager to bubble-wrap a potential collectable might still be in luck. “There are, however, a limited number of cars within the retailer network available for customers,” added our contact.

Volkswagen T-Roc

And for those distressed that they can’t get something Golf-sized but more stylish and standout? Fear not – the T-Roc arrives in the UK soon… and Motoring Research will be driving it next week to see whether the SUV that’s styled like a coupe really can genuinely replace the family hatch that’s styled like a coupe. Watch this space…  

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