Volkswagen launches £24k all-electric e-Up


Volkswagen will today begin selling its first all-electric car, the e-Up, from 24 UK dealers – for an ambitious £24,250 list price.

This admittedly reduces to £19,250 once the Government’s £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant is included… but it’s also £5000 more than a Renault Zoe post-PICG.

OK, batteries are not included with the Renault (they’re from £70 a month extra), but it still makes the Up appear pricey. It will be up to the market to decide if this is actually the case.

The e-Up is based on the five-door Move Up (£9,800 for a 1.0 60 model) so includes heated seats, cruise control and sat nav. To this spec, it adds heated windscreen, DAB stereo, City Emergency Braking system, climate control and rear parking sensors.

Smartly, EV charging points have been added to the sat nav system and there’s also an iPhone or Android e-Up app.

The electric motor produces 82hp and 154lb ft of torque, for a top speed of 81mph and 0-62mph in 12.4 seconds. It has a 93-mile range and an optional wall box allows a fast-charge from flat to 90% full in half an hour.

At that price, we’d at least expect the wall box to be standard.

Volkswagen says UK deliveries of the e-Up will begin in January, and will announce more details of the car soon (brochures and full price lists are currently unavailable).

When prices of regular Take Up models start at £8,265, what do you think of the £24,250 pre-grant list price of the e-Up? Share your thoughts below…

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