Volkswagen GTI range expands into new niches for Christmas

Volkswagen GTI gym bagVolkswagen GTI owners are a discerning bunch. Their hot hatches are some of the most highly-rated on sale, so why not celebrate their fine taste at Christmas with a suitably GTI-themed gift?

That’s what Volkswagen is hoping this festive season, by revealing its latest range of merchandise. The ‘cars in baubles’ we can take or leave, but some of the other goodies are luckily much cooler.

Volkswagen GTI sledge

A GTI sledge, for example. It doesn’t have a TSI turbo engine but it does have a full set of GTI badges, and even a VW roundel on the front. Perfect for taking advantage of that festive snow we’re being forecast, and not a bank-breaker at £72, either.

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If you’re feeling more generous, this rather neat GTI chronograph is available from the Volkswagen merch and accessory range.

Volkswagen GTI watch

It costs £228 but has a red-stitched leather strap and honeycomb design on the face, both oozing GTI authenticity. The GTI logo proves this, and it’s not just thrown together, either: Ronda Swiss watch technology powers the Volkswagen Design-honed chronograph.

Volkswagen GTI umbrella

Something similarly cool and rather more affordable is this GTI-branded umbrella. It’s not only GTI-branded, either: it gloriously features GTI tartan in all its glory. Let it snow! Let it rain! Any excuse to get this glorious celebration of the original hot hatch out for all to see (and for people like you to nod at, approvingly).

Volkswagen T1 camper cookie cutter

And because it’s the festive season, we also like the Volkswagen T1 camper cookie cutter, which is a snip at just £5.50. Baking the office treats to feast on before breaking for Christmas? Ensure you’ll only be taking crumbs home in your biscuit box with one of these. Or, better still, your GTI-branded gym bag, pictured top. Because nobody uses them for actually going to the gym, right?

Details on how and where to buy are available from Volkswagen’s UK website. If the love of your life has not stopped eulogising over the Performance Pack of their Golf GTI, or brilliance of their Up GTI, you know what to do to make their Christmas.

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