Volkswagen e-Up for £199 a month

VW e-UpIs there a better car for a Yorkshireman than a Volkswagen e-Up? Well, not at its eyebrow-raising launch price – but wait…

Volkswagen is now appealing to all those who don’t want to put their hands deep in their pockets this Christmas by offering the electric Up for just £199/month.

There were gasps when Volkswagen revealed the e-Up would cost £19,250 (including the £5,000 government grant), but the company’s e-Solutions personal contract plan makes the first fully electric VW much more attainable.

Customers can decide how much they pay as deposit – from £2,425 to £7,125, and then pay as little as £199 a month for 36 months.

There’s terms and conditions, of course – you’re limited to 10,000 miles a year, but that’s a considerable amount for an electric car with a maximum range of 93 miles. The APR works out at 6.6% and, crucially, if you decide electric motoring isn’t for you, you can simply return the e-up! after just 12 months.

British Gas is even offering a free home charger that can charge a flat Volkswagen e-Up within six hours.

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