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Volkswagen confirms EA288 diesel engine IS clean of cheat code

Volkswagen Das AutoVolkswagen has confirmed the notorious diesel engine defeat device code is not installed in European models using the newer EA 288 diesel engine.

The EA 288 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre TDI engine family was launched in 2014 to replace the older EA 189 engine series.

It had been speculated that the defeat device cheat code software found on EA 189 engines had also been found on the new EA 288 motors, in both EU5 and latest EU6 guise.

But Volkswagen says it has conducted a “thorough appraisal” of the engine architecture and found “no software constituting an improper defeat device.

“Consequently, new vehicles of the Volkswagen Group offered within the European with those engines comply with legal requirements and environmental standards.”

The firm has yet to confirm whether EA 288 engines sold in the U.S. carry any defeat device software.

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