Volkswagen California: 2018 and 1988

Volkswagen California 30 Years is a £64,000 celebration

Volkswagen California: 2018 and 1988The Volkswagen California is 30 years old in 2018 and to celebrate this, VW has produced a run of 999 special editions – called, ingeniously, California 30 Years.

Continuing the theme, the UK is only getting 30 of them. But perhaps that’s just enough, given the fact it costs a whopping £64,307. To stem the shock, Volkswagen claims it will be “an instant collector’s item”.

And it is almost depreciation-proof

As you’d hope, this is a very upmarket camper van indeed. It has heated front seats, top-end Volkswagen Discover Media Navigation Pro, smartphone-friendly App-Connect and a side scan feature that makes driving this van-shaped beast a bit easier for the uninitiated.

That’s on top of the usual California features, such as a rear living area with sink and cooker, a fold-up roof and nice, comfortable fold-down bed.

Volkswagen California 30th

The 2.0-litre TDI comes in either 150hp or 199hp guise, and all have a standard DSG automatic gearbox. The top-spec one has 4MOTION all-wheel drive, but also costs, wait for it, £70,629. Again, though, VW’s CV division is at pains to urge buyers to “secure their orders before the allocation is snapped up”.

Four generations of California have been built since its launch in 1988, with production totalling more than 157,000. The early ones were aftermarket conversions, like the original Volkswagen camper vans, although since 2004, it’s built them in-house.

This latest model was launched in 2015. Last year, a staggering 15,155 were delivered. As the trend for glamping and wholesome life experiences continues, so too will, we’re sure, the success of the California. Even ones that cost upwards of £64,000…