Video: Skoda changes town name in Kodiaq marketing stunt

Skoda changes town name in Kodiaq stunt

Video: Skoda changes town name in Kodiaq marketing stunt

In a bid to avoid ‘doing a Qashqai’ with its new SUV, Skoda has released a video explaining where its new Kodiaq SUV has got its name from.

The Alaskan island of Kodiak gives its name to the largest brown bear still alive today – and, as announced last week, Skoda’s large SUV.

It’s a Kodiaq moment for Skoda’s new large SUV

Skoda says the Kodiaq is “a large and powerful SUV with a protective nature, a strong sense of family and a high degree of outdoor expertise” – meaning it has a lot in common with grizzly bears. Apparently.

So why the ‘Q’ rather than the ‘K’? It’s slightly tenuous – the island’s native people, the Alutiiq, call the Kodiak bear ‘Taq uka ‘aq’. The letter ‘q’ at the end is typical for the names of animals, meaning giving the Kodiaq a ‘Q’ demonstrates ‘respect for the language of the Alutiiq’. And stops it being confused for a bear.

To prove that the island’s people are cool with the Kodiaq’s deliberate misspelling (and kick-start Skoda’s Kodiaq marketing campaign), the mayor led a crusade to rename Kodiak for one day.

On Friday, residents changed names on street signs, police cars, fire engines, fishing boats and advertising boards. Even the town’s official homepage changed the ‘k’ to a ‘q’.

We’ll see the Skoda Kodiaq in the metal for the first time at this year’s Paris Motor Show in October. Expect prices to start at around £25,000 when it goes on sale next year.

Video: Skoda renames a town for a day

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