Video: Sebastian Vettel races a Ferrari in an ambulance

Ever wanted to swap jobs with F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel? An ambulance driver from the South East has done exactly that – giving him tips on how to drive a three-tonne ambulance, then getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB.

As part of the job-swap, organised by Shell, both drivers discussed performance driving techniques before going head-to-head around the track – with Vettel in the ambulance, and paramedic Alex Knapton in the Ferrari.

Despite the heavy ambulance boasting just 118hp and a modest top speed of 88mph, Vettel managed to lap the makeshift circuit in two minutes and 10 seconds – seven seconds quicker than Knapton in the 488.

Knapton, a paramedic with South Central Ambulance Service, said: “Getting the opportunity to swap the ambulance for the Ferrari 488 GTB was a dream come true. It was an unbelievable experience to get that close to one of the stars of Formula 1. Sebastian was on great form coaching on high performance driving tips and joking about the lack of a radio in the ambulance.”

Vettel added: “Paramedics play an essential role in motorsport around the world and not just in Formula 1. They need to perform to such high standards every day because lives depend on them. Shell V-Power race fuel supplied to Scuderia Ferrari contains at least 99% of the same types of compounds used in Shell V-Power fuels for the road.”