Van driver stories

Video: how white van man is becoming a new man

Van driver storiesRather than just selling vans, Mercedes-Benz dealer chain S&B Commercials is producing a series of videos about its customers called Van Man Stories to counter the widely held poor opinion of van drivers.

A survey of more than 2,000 people across the UK conducted for the project revealed that 43% of people agreed with the statement “van drivers are reckless drivers who don’t car about their van or licence”. Ouch.

Among Londoners, 25% of people think van drivers are the least considerate road users, and this is the opinion of 33% of men and 23% of women outside the capital.

The aim of Van Man Stories is to show more about the work and passion of the people behind the wheel to challenge negative stereotypes through real life stories.

“Our customers range from ice cream van drivers to independent taxi drivers. We hope that by the public into their lives, our customers can help improve perception of van drivers,” commented Jonathan Lingham, group marketing manager with S&B Commercials.

The importance of the project is highlighted by the increase in the number of vans on UK roads due to the rise in Internet shopping.

There are currently 3.2 million vans in the UK: that’s one for every 20 people in the country.

See what you think of the videos here:

Van Man Stories: Jon Bonar, driver of Piccadilly Whip ice cream van

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