Pumpkin power: Vauxhall van put to the test ferrying giant veg

Vauxhall Combo giant veg stand

Vauxhall has taken on a unique project to put its Combo Cargo van to the test. It’s helped create the UK’s biggest fruit and veg stall. How? By lugging 800kg of vegetables, including three-foot square pumpkins and four-foot square marrows.

No, they’re not props for a scene in a Harry Potter film. No, it’s not a scale model of the Combo van. Those really are enormous vegetables in Vauxhall’s compact hauler.

“The giant veg stall is our way of celebrating the hard work of giant veg growers and other small businesses around the UK,” said giant veg world record breaker Kevin Fortey.

Vauxhall Combo giant veg stand

“Transportation is key in the giant veg growing community. After growing these beauties for up to 10 months, you need to be able to get them from A to B safely and securely. But with the enhanced capabilities of small vans like the Combo Cargo you don’t necessarily need the biggest van to be able to get the job done.”

Vauxhall took on this weird and wonderful challenge to highlight just how useful its small van can be to small businesses. No matter how specific their business area. Lugging prize-winning monster vegetables is one fun way of getting that message across.

Small businesses in London have been feeling the fire recently with the introduction of the ULEZ. Vauxhall is keen to highlight that the Combo is low-emission zone-friendly.

Vauxhall Combo giant veg stand

“Vauxhall is delighted to support the diverse and creative small businesses across the UK,” commented Patrick Fourniol, marketing director at Vauxhall Motors. 

“From plumbers and plasterers to more niche fields like giant vegetable growing, the capabilities and features of modern commercial vehicles have been designed to turbocharge sole traders and small businesses so they can meet customer demands, no matter the payload.”