Vauxhall has made a van for businesspeople

It's your boardroom on wheels

Vauxhall Vivaro Tourer EliteVauxhall is already well known as a producer of some of the nation’s most popular business cars: models such as the Insignia Grand Sport, Astra hatch and Corsa are all fleet favourites. Now it’s extending its business case to vans.

Or, rather, van-derived people carriers. Next month at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, two posh Vauxhall Vivaro business vans will be revealed – the Tourer Elite and Combi Plus. 

Both are aimed at the executive shuttle market: vans into which business people can climb into and be whisked in decent comfort to the next set of high-powered meetings with clients to charm and customers to win over. 

There are two versions: the Tourer Elite is more of a van with seats and windows, with the saver-style price tag to match, while the Combi Plus is more car-like (“less van-like,” says Vauxhall), befitting the usual business class step-up expectations. 

Behind the chrome-lashed grille is a 1.6-litre CDTi Bi-Turbo engine producing either 125hp or 145hp, and firms have a choice of two different body styles, depending on how many businesspeople and carry-on suitcases they want to pack in.

Best of all, both Vivaros are built here in the UK, at Vauxhall’s big CV plant in Luton – and over 40 percent of the bits that go into them also come from the UK, further boosting their home-grown credentials. 

“Both models expand our portfolio and take us into new areas of the market,” said Vauxhall’s CV head, Steve Bryant. Ordering opens soon: businesspeople, meet your next upscale new airport shuttle?

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