Vauxhall launches UK’s cheapest 500hp-plus car


Vauxhall will launch the new 576hp VXR8 GTS at Autosport International next month – and it’s already grabbed headlines.

So much power for so relatively little cash means it’s the cheapest way Brits can join the 500hp-plus club…

… indeed, The Chevrolet Camaro-engined car actually has more power than both the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG!

The brutish power boost of 150hp over the outgoing VXR8 is thanks to a new supercharged version of GM’s LSA V8 engine. This is sufficient to hurl it from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds and it’s only an electronic limiter that stops it going faster than 155mph.

Perhaps sensibly, the latest generation Brake Torque Vectoring system and Magnetic Ride Control have also been fitted to Australia’s most powerful car ever: it’s based on the Holden HSV GEN-F GTS.

What’s more, it may be the last of its type, too: today, news has also emerged that GM plans to close Holden’s Australian vehicle design and production division. From 2017, it will become a mere sales company.

Models such as this Vauxhall-badged Holden will soon be no more, then. Meaning that, at this price, you should get it while you can..?

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