Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall helps police in ‘Corsa cannibals’ covert operation

Vauxhall CorsaVauxhall has supplied Bedfordshire Police with vehicles carrying covert surveillance equipment in a bid to catch so-called ‘Corsa cannibals’.

A high number of Vauxhall’s popular Corsa and Astra models have been targeted by criminals who steal parts from them before selling them online.

In some cases, owners have reported finding the entire front ends of their cars stolen under the cover of darkness.

Pair arrested for selling stolen classic Mini parts on eBay

Since December, Bedfordshire Police say 22 people have been arrested in relation to thefts of Vauxhall Corsa parts.

In December, a 26-year-old man was charged with handling stolen goods after being linked to a stolen Astra in Luton.

Bedfordshire Police Detective Chief Inspector Ian Middleton said: “We are making significant progress with the assistance of Vauxhall and the use of technology to tackle this prolific problem in Bedfordshire.

“Regrettably the popularity of Vauxhall cars and their Corsa models in particular means that there is still a strong market for stolen vehicle parts and we continue to experience offending. Our message remains the same: We need people to tell us where the outlets for these components are, and I would urge the public only to buy vehicle components from certified vehicle parts stockists.

“We want to increase awareness among the public of these crimes and encourage them to report any illegal or suspicious activity, in order to help us catch those responsible and cut off the practice at its roots.”

Last month, two criminals were arrested for stealing classic Minis across the South East and breaking them for parts, before selling them on eBay.

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