Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa and Adam in urgent safety recall

Vauxhall CorsaVauxhall has issued an urgent safety recall for 3000 Corsa and Adam – and is advising owners do NOT drive their cars until inspected by a Vauxhall dealer. 

The Corsa and Adam models, built since May 2014, have been made using a dodgy steering part that the firm says does not meet its technical spec. Although it says no accidents have occurred as a result, it still wants to get cars into the dealer network for rectification as soon as possible.

Vauxhall has set up a special section on its website dedicated to the Corsa and Adam safety check, and has also opened its customer helpline for concerned owners to call: 0800 026 0034. 

“The company became aware of the condition during routine quality control at the vehicle manufacturing plant,” says Vauxhall, but doesn’t detail which specification of Corsa and Adam may be affected: the Corsa is one of the best selling cars in the UK. 

Vauxhall’s advice to owners is to check its website and enter details of their car through an online safety checker. Check out for more.

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